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A copper ionized pool is a pleasure to experience. Once you realize the beauty of swimming in an ionized pool, you will only have to swim in a traditional chemically-treated pool one more time to realize how lucky you are to have an ionized pool.

Chemical free pools do exist and have been around for years.  Intec was the first company to commercialize copper ionization for use on swimming pools over 30 years ago.  Copper ionization has become more popular due to the concerns of chlorine being absorbed though the skin and having direct links to cancer.  Now, more than ever, a chlorine free pool is a highly coveted home technology.

Without sanitation, then algae, viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms can originate, grow, multiply, and infest the average pool in less than one hour. Diseases too numerous to mention affecting the ears, eyes, nose, throat, skin, and internal organs are often spread from one person to another.

Ionization was developed by NASA and is the least expensive of all disinfecting methods. Ionization is also the only method that produces healthy pool water. Ionization is the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor. The complete system comes with the Water Doctor electronic unit, copper electrode, and necessary test kits.

What is a chemical free pool?

Chlorine is the most commonly used sanitizer for swimming pools.  This would also include salt water generators that produce sodium hypochlorite chlorine (  Copper ions simply replace the need for chlorine disinfectants and are more effective at controlling algae and bacteria.  With Intec’s ionization technology, you will no longer need to buy chlorine, stabilizer, algaecides, or shock.  Thus, your pool without these products is a chlorine free pool.

What is a chemical free pool?

Simply stated, anything that is added to an ionized pool is self-sacrificing and no longer remains a chemical in your pool.  For example, to lower the pH in your pool, an acid has to be added.  There is no other way to lower pH.  The acid will lower pH to the desired level  and then it has totally sacrificed itself in the lowering process.  More scientifically, the hydrogen ions (H+) in the acid (acids have a heavy hydrogen concentration) will combine with the hydroxide radicals (OH-) that make up alkalinity.  H + OH = H2O or water.  Therefore, you now have a chemical free pool.

Intec - The Genesis Expanse Ionization Technology

Designed to eliminate chlorine, toxic chemicals, foul taste and odors, algae, bacteria.

The Genesis Expanse will electronically neutralize the negative effects of hard minerals with a state of the art ionization feature.

Intec has a solution available that will:

  1. Save you about 80% on your pool water expenditures and maintenance

  2. Eliminate chlorine dry skin.

  3. Increase the life on vinyl liners

  4. Have wetter water in your pool

  5. Eliminate storing of hazardous chemicals

  6. Provide nineteen health benefits to your pool water.

Key Benefits

  1. Effectively kills algae and water born pathogens

  2. Sanitizes pools without the use of chlorine

  3. More cost effective than other treatment methods.

  4. Generally pays for itself under two years

  5. Relief for individuals suffering from a chlorine allergy

  6. Piece of mind owning a healthy chemical free / chlorine free pool

  7. Will treat up to a 60,000 gallon pool

What's in your pool right now?

No matter how crystal clear and blue the water in your pool looks, it is loaded with chemical contaminants. Those contaminants cost you time, money, and effort and they are not healthy for you or your family. Once you start using chemicals in your pool it becomes a living creature, you must keep feeding it or it will get totally out of control.

Bacteria and Algae

Bacteria are not visible but can be quite harmful. Algae are not generally harmful but are very visible and as they die their waste becomes a food source for bacteria.

Algae are microscopic plant life that grows in water and pool surfaces, as well as other wet or damp places. There are literally millions of these microscopic algae particles in the air. The wind carries them about from place to place to settle and infect the area where they fall. Sunlight, heat, high pH, high total dissolved solids, low sanitizing agents, chemical residue, mineral and organic contaminants are some of the contributing factors to an algae infested pool.

Ionization Kills Bacteria and Algae

National laboratory studies and research by the University of South Alabama, to determine the effectiveness of ionization to kill bacteria shows:

Ionization is Faster Acting and
Longer Lasting than Chlorine

How do you disinfect the water in your swimming pool today?

Chlorine - A greenish-yellow, poisonous, gaseous element with a suffocating odor, widely used as a disinfectant. Chlorine is toxic and will burn your eyes, irritate your skin and damage hair.

Bromine - A dark reddish-brown fuming element with a suffocating odor. The Provincial Board of Health of Alberta banned the use of Bromine as a disinfectant in public spas because 95% of the spa-related skin irritations came from spas using Bromine.

Ozone - An unstable form of oxygen with a pungent odor. Commonly found as a gas which dissipates into the air very quickly. Ozone is fast acting but leaves no sanitation in the water to combat bacteria and algae growth. Ozone only reduces the amount of chlorine or whatever type of disinfectant you use.  It will dissolve rubber washers in pumps, filters and pool fixtures resulting in leaks and costly repairs.

Salt Water Devices - Salt is comprised of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Devices that utilize salt to create a chemical reaction which actually manufactures chlorine in your pool. Sodium Hypochlorite Chlorine is the most dangerous disinfectant you can use.

Hydrogen Peroxide - These products are non-toxic and not unhealthy but neither are they healthy. Hydrogen peroxide is by far the most expensive and frustrating way to disinfect your pool especially when you have to shock.

Copper Ionization - Developed by NASA, it is the least expensive of all disinfecting methods and the only method that produces healthy pool water. It is the easiest of all disinfecting methods to maintain and monitor.

The Elements

Everything in nature is going against the pool owner: heat, wind, sun, evaporation, rain, and also bather use.

  1. HEAT: Accelerates loss of chlorine and algae growth.

  2. WIND: Carries new algae spores and debris into the pool.

  3. SUN: Increases evaporation and reduces the effectiveness of chlorinating which requires cyanuric acid (conditioner)

  4. EVAPORATION: Causes the build-up of scale on pool tile and deposits a residue of solids below the waterline.

  5. RAIN: Introduces additional algae and other pollutants

  6. BATHER USE: Increases the demand for purification

Who Trained you to take care of your water and pool?

The pool store doesn’t want you to know. The less you know, the more mistakes you make and the more money the store makes. Have you ever heard of a pool store holding classes?

Pool maintenance is NOT rocket science!

you can do this

The pool builder is in construction and is not qualified to train you in water care. Our staff will educate you on pool water chemistry. If you have questions, our help desk is available to you at no charge even on weekends.

Intec encourages you to call at least twice a week for the first four weeks to discuss your testing and problems. The more you know, the more you save, the more you recommend Intec to your friends and family.

Intec was the first of three companies to commercialize this NASA developed technology over 30 years ago. No other company can match our technology or expertise. With over 30 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients around the country, you can be assured that our technology will work for you.  You will also have access to Intec’s water chemists that are familiar with the current technologies for treating a wide range of water problems.  Intec consults with some of the largest integrated farms on issues related to water including animal welfare and Biosecurity issues.


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