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Swimming pools are a lot of work and
cost too much money. NOT!

Don’t believe the stories you hear about
swimming pool maintenance being
time consuming and expensive!

Copper Ionization Water Treatment sanitizes your pool water without the use of harsh pool chlorine and other pool chemicals. Copper is a trace mineral essential to the health of the human body. Using copper to purify the water eliminates the harmful side effects of chlorine while enhancing your health. Copper ionization prolongs the life of vinyl liners, pumps and filter because there are no corrosive salts, chemicals or chemical residues.

What Does the Ionized Water Feel Like?

Have you seen the movie, “Cocoon” where the grandparents were kickin’ it in the swimming poll with the cocoon pods? This is how good it feels to swim in this pool!

Someone said the pool water feels kinda “silky”. We’ve found it is just really refreshing and energizing. A friend who is extremely sensitive to chlorine had to wear a scuba diving wet suit to swim at his health club. In the copper ionized water he could swim without a wet suit like everyone else.

What It Takes

These are the common household products used to maintain the pool water in its best condition:

Nothing scary here!

Are You Having Fun Yet?

Swimming pools are meant to BRING MORE ENJOYMENT TO YOUR LIFE! Check out the rest of this website and get more answers. We are certain you will see that a copper ionized pool will save your time and money, improve your physical wellbeing and bring a BLAST of FUN to your pool experience!

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